Do you remember the first piece of milk glass which you saw?  How about the first piece of milk glass which you purchased?  If you are like me, you distinctly remember both incidents.  Half the fun of collecting is creating good stories, right?

We're just getting started with this website, but we hope to tell these stories, and more, as we add more information about milk glass.

For the moment, the heart of our website is the collection of links to milk glass items on the internet.  You'll find milk glass from popular manufacturers such as Westmoreland, Fenton, Imperial, Indiana, and Anchor Hocking.  You'll also find items as simple as bottles, plates, and dishes, and as complex as compotes, vases, and lamps.

Please use the links on the left to find milk glass for sale or more information about collecting milk glass.  We hope you enjoy your visit to and that you return soon!

Photo by HottHoller.