Popular Milk Glass Manufacturers

Although we won’t find milk glass manufactured the way it was centuries ago, or even in the 1950s and 1960s before the EPA more or less put a stop to manufacturers placing fluoride within the bath, it is still manufactured. There are also some popular companies of the past that no longer grace us with their presence and then there are those that have been around for decades and are still going strong.

Current manufacturers

One popular manufacturer that has been around since 1905 is the Fenton Glass Company. They are still going strong with 120 employees. It was in 1939 that the company started selling milk glass hob nail items. It was because of milk glass that the company was able to expand.

Another popular manufacturer is the Fostoria Glass Company. Their production of milk glass began in 1925 when they added five new furnaces were added to the factory.

The third popular manufacturer still in operation today is Mosser Glass of Cambridge, Ohio. It opened in 1970 and continues to operate today in the creation of popular glasses.

So there are some companies that have some age on them and some that don’t.

Manufacturers of the past

One manufacturer of the past was the Dunbar Glass Co. in Dunbar, West Virginia. It was in operation from 1913 until 1952 and some of the craftsman within the company decided to form the Kanawha Glass Company after the Dunbar Glass Co. closed. The Kanawha glass company continued the manufacturing of milk glass until they were sold to Raymond Dereume Glass, Inc. in 1987.

One of the most popular companies that manufactured pieces that are highly sought after today was the Westmoreland Glass Company. This company came into existence in 1889. The history is quite interesting in that a group of men from the Specialty Glass Company in East Liverpool, Ohio moved to Grapeville, Pennsylvania. What they found was natural glass on the property that they chose to build their glass factory on.

The Westmoreland Glass Company focused on various different types of glasses, but placed most of its focus on milk glass in the 1940s and the 1950s. As a matter of fact, milk glass made up 90% of its production during this period. It was in 1984, almost 100 years after it was founded, that the Westmoreland Glass Company went out of business.

Other companies

There are a number of other companies that have created milk glass that collectors are after. Hobbs, Brockunier & Co., L.E. Smith Glass Company, McKee Glass Company, Imperial Glass Company, L.G. Wright Glass Company, and many others have been on the list of notable companies for quite some time.

For the milk glass collector, it is very important to be able to identify the different manufacturers because the pieces are marked with the manufacturer’s name. Then again, they may have used a particular mark to identify them. Some competitors, such as Westmoreland and Imperial, are rather difficult to distinguish. Fortunately, as a collector becomes more seasoned in their hobby, distinguishing milk glass from the different manufacturers becomes much easier.